Business Owners, Professionals, Job Seekers –Are you tired, frustrated, and fatter from all those networking lunches but still starving for more clients and job opportunities? Finally A Targeted Approach To Getting
Clients & JobsThrough Networking!
The only book of its kind, providing a bull’s eye approach to finding, meeting and building relationships with exactly the right business connections for you.
Includes 20 case study examples of networking success icons including:

  • Mike Michalowicz, best-selling author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
  • Mary Buffett, world-renowned investment speaker, best-selling author of “Buffettology”
  • Larry Bodine, Editor-In-Chief,

Praise For Network Like A Fox

“Nothing is more important in business than powerful relationships.  In Network Like A Fox, Nancy Fox shows you how to transform humdrum, hit or miss marketing into a fresh, surefire method for building the right relationships with just the right people.  Read this book and learn how to network smarter — like a fox!”

- Barbara Corcoran, Real estate investor, entrepreneur, featured Shark on ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank

“Networking is not optional in the new normal of this job economy – it’s essential… Nancy Fox unpacks the art and science of networking with practical action steps that every professional should implement to secure a seat at the table. Her book is a must read from the entry level ranks to the C-Suite.”

- Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Director of Career & Professional Development and Adjunct Faculty Member, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, CBS Radio Host – Career Coach Caroline, Author of This Is Not The Career I Ordered

“I’ve helped many clients network with the media and Network Like A Fox introduces key concepts that can help you meet the right people at the right places faster and more effectively so you get better results. You can spin your wheels networking in all the wrong places, or you can start to develop the right networking strategy for you and your business.”

- Dan Janal, author “Reporters Are Looking for YOU!” and Founder of

“What a breath of fresh air! … Irrespective of work experience, Network Like A Fox is an essential tool for anyone who wants to get more bang for their networking buck.”

- Iain Worsley, Senior Vice President, Professional Services Team, Capital One Bank

“When we reach out and take risks to network we create a connectedness that yields limitless opportunity – Network Like A Fox drives this message and provides important “how to” tenets. Reading Network Like A Fox will transform your personal power and influence to benefit you and your organization.”

- Catherine Holtz, Director, Marketing, Bayer Healthcare

“This is not just another book of networking tips. In Network Like A Fox, Nancy Fox has shared a unique approach for connecting wisely and successfully… I’ve watched Nancy in action and she’s the real deal. This is a must read if you want to meet the right people and gain their attention, trust, and their business.”

- David Schnurman, CEO, and

“As a business owner and investor, networking is absolutely essential to my continued success – and much of what I learned, Nancy taught me. Her new book, Network Like A Fox, distills her wisdom into important lessons that make it easy for anyone to learn this critical skill and apply it to any situation, personal or professional …”

- Tony Coretto, Co-CEO, PNT Marketing Services, Inc. (4-time Inc 5000 company)

“When I first met Nancy Fox she was running an amazing networking group of attorneys, CPAs and bankers in NYC.  She quickly taught me the value of being in “the right room, with the right people.”  Nancy has worked with many of my clients and has helped them grow not only the caliber of their networks, but both their top-line revenue and per partner net income.  I am proud to have collaborated with Nancy in the past and look forward to continuing in the future!”

- Phil Whitman, CPA, Co-Founder, Erickson Whitman LLC

“As a “professional networker” and regional director of development for the preeminent professional networking organization in California, I observe many professional service providers and business owners trying to figure out how to develop relationships with the right people. This isn’t something that they’ve ever been taught, and too often it’s hit or miss, without any real strategy. Network Like A Fox addresses this issue head on and offers a bulls eye approach to strategic networking. It’s highly recommended reading for all savvy business people who want to be more successful at business building through relationship building.”

- Deborah Rodney, Regional Director of Development for ProVisors

“Want to give the perfect gift to a recent graduate about to enter the job market? Nancy Fox’s Network Like A Fox will show them exactly what they need to do to  meet the right people in the right places, how to network and build successful business relationships that will serve them throughout their career. (Of course it is a great gift for someone already IN the workplace too).”

- Bob Siegal, Director, Management Advisory Services at Prager and Fenton Certified Public Accountants

“I have watched Nancy Fox network for years. Applying her business networking approach has had a favorable impact on how I build my business connections and relationships. I’m pleased to say that Nancy now has shared all her strategies for networking smarter and more successfully in one must-read book, Network Like A Fox.”

- Wendy Brown, Senior Financial Advisor, Vice President Merrill Lynch

“Nancy, I’m about 2/3 of the way through your networking book. I own several, and yours is by far the best.”

- Howard Ullman, Attorney and Counsel at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

“Network Like a Fox” easily gets a five-star rating for its ease of use and because of the straight-ahead and insightful manner in which Nancy Fox delivers such helpful, applicable information…

Since last May, when I began working with this book and action guide, I’ve employed a number of techniques from each and the results have been dramatic in terms of “networking up.” This course of study caused me very early on to rethink everything I was doing with respect to how I was networking, where I was networking, with whom I was networking and WHY I was networking in those ways. My approach now is vastly different and is far more effective…

Purchase “Network Like a Fox,” along with the accompanying action guide (workbook), read them both a first time to get a feel for the material, and then dive into each a second time with the mindset of creating a whole new networking mojo. Consider the book and action guide to be not unlike a couple of really great cookbooks. Follow the recipes in earnest and you’ll find yourself feasting on remarkably good results.

- Bob Hale, Career Transition & Franchise Placement Coach, The Entrepreneur’s Source

How much value is a new client or customer worth to you? Within a month of reading Nancy Fox’s book, Network Like A Fox, I followed the advice in her book and met and won 4 new clients. Let me put that number into perspective. In the 24 years that I’ve been running my consulting practice, I’ve gotten engagements with 100 different companies. But I’ve never picked up 4 new clients in a month before, ever. Nancy’s tips and techniques on networking have made a huge difference in my business.

- Peter Raulerson, Co-Chair of Programs, The Executive Network of Seattle, and Partner, The Paramarketing Group, LLC

Last week I had a great reading: Nancy Fox’s Network Like a Fox (TM). I really learn a lot from Nancy’s book. Today, I wanted to share with you a brief summary I wrote. I hope you learn as much as I did from this book. Here is the link to my summary Hope you enjoy it 🙂

- Oswaldo Zapata, Ph.D., Founder,