What you will learn in Network Like A Fox™:

      • Specific ways to get out of your comfort zone and increase motivation to networkNetwork Like A Fox
      • How to create a viable, successful networking strategy- locate which networking groups and events are right for you and your business or career.
      • How to get involved and noticed in the right networks – how to build your memorable personal brand and increase your visibility in your network
      • How to meet and talk to decision makers.
      • How to overcome any obstacles you encounter in your networking activities — to build your self-confidence once and Network Up.
      • Learn why you are networking your butt off and still not getting the business – what’s in the way?
      • How to network internally in your own company or firm to get noticed and get promoted.
      • How networking online differs from networking, and the right ways to build relationships online.
      • Learn a system for foolproof follow up after the networking event is over.
      • Success Stories: Case Studies Successful Networkers
      • A road map to developing a high quality ideal network for you


Action Guide Overview:

      • Practices and Exercises for putting Network Like A Fox into ActionNetwork Like A Fox Action Guide
      • Templates for your Network Like A Fox targeted networking roadmap
      • Client profiler
      • Templates for Elevator Speeches
      • Templates for Tanecdeotes
      • Sample Scripts
      • Bonus The Fortune Is In The Follow Up Tip Sheet: 33 Ways To Follow Up And Stay Top Of Mind and Build Relationships After The Networking