Network Like A Fox Action Guide.

Table of Contents

Network Like A FoxTM Action Guide

How To Use This Action Guide vii
Strategy 1: The Set Up 3
Strategy 2: Breaking Through Your Networking Roadblocks 7
Strategy 3: Finding The Right Networking Events & Groups 9
Strategy 4: Building Rapport, Getting Accepted Into The Right Networks 15
Strategy 5: No Excuses Networking 19
Strategy 6: Build Deeper Relationships, Reap Bigger Results 23
Strategy 7: Work The Room Like A Fox 25
Strategy 8: Network Like A Fox Online 29
Strategy 9: Network Up: Meet Ideal Decision Makers 33
Strategy 10: Build Your A-List Network By Writing A Book 35
Strategy 11: Build A Top Network In Your Company Or Firm 39
Strategy 12: Hobbies That Help You Build A Bountiful Top Tier Network 43
Strategy 13: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up 47
Strategy 14: Networking To Build Your PR and Personal Brand 53
Strategy 15: Creating An Irresistible Elevator Speech or Tanecdote 57
Strategy 16: Your Mate Can Make Or Break Your Business or Career 63
Strategy 17: Become A Connector 67
Strategy 18: How To Network Like A Fox At Conferences & Trade Shows 71

Network Like A Fox


Table of Contents

Network Like A FoxTM

Introduction 1
Chapter 1 Why Networking Is Making You Tired, Fatter, And Not Any Richer 7
Chapter 2 Breaking Through Those Big Networking Roadblocks 15
Chapter 3 How To Find The Right Networking Groups And Events For You 21
Chapter 4 How to Build Rapport With Ideal Connections And Get Accepted Into The Right Networks 43
Chapter 5 Overcoming I’m Too… (Young, Old, Busy, Afraid) To Network With The Right People 65
Chapter 6 Relate Like A Fox: Build Deep Relationships With The Right People For You & Your Business 89
Chapter 7 How To Work The Room Like A Fox 95
Chapter 8 Network Like A Fox On LinkedIn: How To Bring The Cloud To The Ground 105
Chapter 9 Networking Up: How To Network With Decision Makers & Big Cheeses 121
Chapter 10 How To Build An A-List Network By Writing A Book 139
Chapter 11 Building The Right Network Within Your Own Company 149
Chapter 12 Have The Right Interests, Hobbies, And Activities — Upgrade Your Network 161
Chapter 13 Follow-Up Like A Fox: How To Turn Follow-Up Into Your Favorite Part Of Networking 167
Chapter 14 How To Make Networking Your Personal Public Relations Engine 173
Chapter 15 Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch: Pitch Like A Fox 189
Chapter 16 Choosing Your Significant Other/Life Partner Can Make Or Break Your Network & Business 193
Chapter 17 Become A Connector: Rev Up Your Attraction Factor 211
Chapter 18 How To Network Like A Fox At Conferences, Seminars, And Big Events 217
Parting Thoughts 237
Nancy Fox’s Reading List 243
Resources: Network Like A Fox Grow Zone Profiler 245
Other Business Fox Books & Courses 251
About Nancy Fox 253